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July 4th Activities

There are many ways to enjoy the 4th of July holiday with friends and family this year. Here are a few ideas.

Socially distant and virtual activities to celebrate Independence Day

July 4th is typically filled with family, fun and friends as we all get together to celebrate the birth of American independence. With Coronavirus affecting our day-to-day lives right now, July 4th will look a little different for many of us, but that’s no reason to cancel your holiday plans. Here are some socially distant and virtual ways to celebrate this 4th of July weekend.

  1. Tune into ABC13 Houston to watch the “Shell Freedom Over Texas” celebration. This year, the celebration will include a 3 hour long virtual celebration featuring the Houston Symphony as well as live and virtual guests and more. You will even see some local music artists!  

    1. TIP: Research other cities to find out if they are hosting virtual celebrations too.

  2. If you plan on participating in a vehicle parade around their neighborhood, have your kids decorate their bikes or your cars with red, white and blue streamers, balloons and pinwheels!

  3. While many event organizers are canceling 4th of July festivals, many fireworks shows around the city are still a go. Enjoy the show from the comfort of your vehicle or step outside and safely distance yourself away from strangers. You can also pack a car friendly picnic with your family to enjoy while you wait for the grand show to start.

  4. Take a virtual tour of popular U.S. landmarks. Skip the pricey plane tickets and view these landmarks from the safety of your own home. Below are a few places around the country that offer virtual tours:

    1. National Aquarium (Baltimore, Maryland)  

    2. Ellis Island (New York)  

    3. U.S. Capitol (Washington, DC) 

    4. Yosemite National Park (California)

  5. If you enjoy cooking or baking, consider whipping up a 4th of July inspired treat for you and your family to enjoy. Some easy and simple suggestions are:

    1. Red, White and Blue rice cereal bars

    2. Patriotic chocolate covered pretzels

    3. Red, white and blue fruit parfaits

No matter what activity you choose to do this weekend, you’re guaranteed to make this another memorable holiday weekend in the books.

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