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Raymond James Transition FAQ

Q:  Why did FCCU transition to Raymond James?
A:  We thought it was more important than ever to partner with an industry leading firm that is financially secure that can be our partner today and well into the future. Partnering with Raymond James allows us to offer a vast variety of investments while providing the highest level of security to protect your investments. In fact, they even offer a security assurance to clients.

Q:  Who is Raymond James?
A:  Raymond James was founded in 1962 and, since then, they have grown to become an industry leader by focusing on integrity and always putting clients first. They have the resources and capability to provide all the financial services of a major Wall Street firm while still enjoying the benefits of working with a local Wealth Advisors financial advisor based locally at an FCCU location, just as you do today. Together, we share a simple but important philosophy: doing what’s right for clients is the most important thing.

Q:  Are there any actions I need to take?
A:  At this time, no. As the transition process moves along, additional information will be communicated via email or mail. If we need any additional information, your Financial Advisor will work with you directly.

Q:  What happens if my forms are incomplete?
It is very important to sign and complete all forms. Otherwise, your financial advisor will not be able to manage your account to the best of our ability and you may experience delayed service.

Q:  What should I do if the information on the form(s) is out of date?
A:  Please make changes where necessary and initial your changes before returning the form(s).

Q:  What will happen to my systematic purchase plan or withdrawal plan?
A:  Your systematic purchase or withdrawal plans will be automatically reestablished at Raymond James. If you need to make changes to your standing withholding election or revise the amount, please contact your financial advisor.

Q:  Does Raymond James have online viewing capabilities?
A:  Yes. Once your account(s) have transferred to Raymond James, you’ll be able to view them 24/7 in Client Access. Reach this online portal through https://www.raymondjames.com/wealthadvisors/ and click Client Access.

Q:  Do I have to move to a new financial advisor?
A:  No. Our First Community Wealth Advisor team will be here to serve you.

Q:  Will my year-end tax documents be affected?
2021 tax reporting documents will be provided as normal. Your 2022 tax documents will be provided by Raymond James.

Q:  Will I still be able to transfer funds to my credit union account?
Yes. Your existing financial institution profile instructions will be added to your account. Should you need to establish a new ACH profile you can with the necessary paperwork.

Q:  Can I use Bill Pay with my new Raymond James account?
Yes. The Bill Pay feature is available for all Wealth Advisor clients. Any existing Bill Pay instructions will need to be reestablished with your Raymond James account.

Q:  Can I continue to make direct deposits into my Raymond James account?
:  Yes. You will need to provide the instructions and depositor information for your new Raymond James account. For more information, please contact the Wealth Advisor team at 281.856.5644 or Raymond James Client Services at 800.647.7378.

Q:  Who should I call if I have questions?
Contact the Wealth Advisor team at 281.856.5644.

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