Linda - 30 year anniversary

Linda 30 Year Anniversary with FCCU

Cheers to 30 Years, Linda! Thank you for all that you do and have done over your 30 years with FCCU! See what Linda had to say about her time with FCCU.

What do you like best about FCCU?

Well everyone's very friendly here when I first started working everyone would say hi so that really impressed me and they really care about the employees. We have an employee activity club, we do a lot of fun outings as well.

What is your favorite memory of working for FCCU

I know we used to do for Halloween you know we get to dress up years ago each department would put on like a little show and so everyone it was like a theme like one time IT was star wars so everyone dressed up in a star wars character.

So the call center was michael jackson's thriller. Our boss used to be a cheerleader and so we would practice after work the moves to that song and we all dress up like the prom i mean it was we had michael jackson and the girl you know and we had the guy play the girl. So that was really a lot of fun in practicing and then we were being you know had a big meeting and were voted on so that was a fun memory.

How has FCCU grown since you started?

So there were probably about two maybe three branches at the time I started. I remember that real estate department collection department only had one employee each so we've definitely grown a lot since then.

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