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Credit Life & Disability

When times are as uncertain as they are, it’s nice to know you have some peace of mind when financing your vehicle or personal loan with FCCU.

First Community’s credit life and disability insurance allows you to rest easy knowing that in the unfortunate event you were to pass-away, be diagnosed with a terminal illness or have accidental dismemberment you’ll be covered. Our life coverage will pay off your personal or vehicle loan up to $50,000 and leave whomever is taking over your estate with a lesser balance or no debt to inherit. Our disability coverage is also there to protect your credit in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

While most companies have a lower percentage they will only pay you in the event you have to file for disability, since most disability policies provided by your employer have a time limit on how long they will pay out regardless of how long you’re out of work. This coverage will allow you to not have to worry about making this payment for a period of time covering your loan payment up to $1000 per month, often times covering the loan payment the entire time you’re unable to work. The best part is this coverage is separate from your personal life and disability insurance policy you may already have in place. Meaning in the event you were to pass away, be diagnosed with a terminal illness, have accidental dismemberment, or aren’t able to work due to injury or illness, the regular insurance you have in place won’t need to be utilized for the loan(s) you have covered.

Talk to your loan consultant about getting this coverage before closing on your personal or vehicle loan and be prepared for the unexpected.

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