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Profit Playground, an interactive experience that seeks to teach youth, ages 2 and up, the fundamentals of financial literacy through a series of engaging minigames that support pre-literacy, memory, and cognitive development. Through fun activities, designed to emulate nature-based play and exploration, your child will practice financial concepts while learning more about the world around them.

Explore the region of Venture Valley, filled with iconic scenes reminiscent of the American Wild West. Join the upstanding citizens of Budget Branch, the Red Rangers, as they spend the day supporting the well-being of their community by performing a series of daily tasks. From food cultivation to animal care, geological excavation and more, each fun activity enriches the development of key cognitive skills, while introducing a wide array of economic pursuits. There is much to discover and learn in the world of Terracia!

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Profit Playground

Download Profit Playground for a fun, interactive game supporting children's financial education. Available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store (also known as Terracian Trails).

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